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Auroramagz Responsive Blogger Template

Auroramagz Responsive Blogger Template
Minggu, 17 November 2019

Auroragmagz is my first template that supports RTL, besides this RTL support template is also compatible with some browsers, such as Mozilla, Chrome. Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Auroragmagz is perfect for sites that Disqus news, magazine or blog. Besides that also already available some slots for your provider advertise. This template is different from other template magazines because besides the super modern appearance of Loading it anyway pretty fast.
Features Availability
Responsive True Cek
Mobile Friendly True Cek
Google PageSpeed Insights True Cek
Google Testing Tools : Index True Cek
Google Testing Tools : Item True Cek
SEO Friendly True
Suport RTL True
3 Columb Home Page True
Primary Menu True
Left / Right Menu True
Featured True
Search Box True
Comment Disqus True
Load more posts True
Breadcrumbs True
Related Posts True
Recent Posts True
Social Share sticky True
Back to top True
More... True

Support Template Update.
Remove Footer Credits.
For Unlimited Domains.
No Encrypted Scripts.
And Many More...
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